R99 delivery fee or FREE delivery on all orders above R800.

Payment and security

  1. This web shop is really secure. All personal  information required is stored in a secure firewall protected location.
  2. All the information exchanged between your browser and our website is encrypted
  3. Your payments are secured, and is handled by the professionals in the industry -  PayFast.  The are a specialist transaction platform and credit card storage vault. The handled all cash receipts so we CANNOT see your details.
  4. Still not sure? We can do a manual order. How does this work?You take screenshots of the products you are interested in. You can either whatsapp them to us on 082 629 0392 or email them to repeadz@gmail.com. We will then create a manual order. Once we have placed the order we email you the invoice and reserve the items you are interested in for 48hrs. This affords you time to do a payment via eft or direct deposit. Once payment clears we dispatch your goodies:)