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About us

Being first time parents we realized that spending money on our baby was something that we do with a joyful heart! As all parents do - we want the best for our little one but we also want to have the most convenient option for us.

In our journey as new parents we soon came to realize that kids wear ALOT more clothes in a day than we do. They go through quite a few outfits a day....sometimes its nature and sometimes its nurture (be honest mommy you have changed them simply to see how cute they will look in an outfit and to capture a #selfie with the little one:) Going through this with our little one made us realise we needed many outfits.

We also soon realised that babies grow REALLY quickly and that all these outfits were still practically new once our little one moved up a size. Add to this the fact that these little people are VERY expensive, we thought of a way to resolve this dilemma, which we believe so many other parents also face.

We attempted to buy from people that advertise on social media and other platforms but soon came to realise that this was no easy feat-if you have tried this then no explanation is needed. So we decided to start an online shop specializing in pre-loved kids clothing thereby creating a platform that is safe, convenient, effective, and easy to use - where you can buy nearly new items that are in excellent condition at a fraction of the retail cost.

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